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Created & Moderated by Actress & Visionary Success Coach: CHRISTINE HORN  (View Her IMDB)


Welcome to the Back to One community.  As a professional actress I know how challenging it can be to do the work we do. Actors are constantly being judged.  All we want to do is act and there appears to be so many barriers keeping us from that.   Being an artist in this industry forces you to have tough skin and deal with rejection on a daily basis.  My monthly calls are here to help you cope with that.

If you’ve ever worked on a film or television set you’ll often hear the Assistant Director yell, “Back to One!”  They are instructing you to go back to your first position of the scene. You’re going back to the top of the scene so you can do it all over again. Maybe the next time you do it, the scene will be better…maybe not.  The point is, you get another chance to try.  YOU, the actor get another chance to try living your best life each and every day you wake up.  Each new day allows you to tap into your “one” reason for getting into the acting business in the first place.  Your heart is in this.  You love this but sometimes we get so caught up in studying, rejection, acting classes, traffic, managers and agents, that we forget why we started.  We somehow forget that this was supposed to be fun.  This was once our dream job.  So why does it feel so uninspiring at times?

Back to One is not therapy, nor is it a place for low grade unity. Our weekly calls are not designed for individuals to feel good about feeling bad.  My deepest desire is for you to succeed.  I want you to take pride in filling every casting office you walk into with your light, confidence and beautiful energy.   I also want to remind you that your future is in your control.  There are things you can do on a daily basis to move closer toward your creative dreams.

As your Visionary Success Coach I will help you cope with the up’s and downs of the entertainment industry.  I will also support your dreams and goals so that you can finally live your “Life by Design.”

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  • 2 Calls per month

  • 1 of the calls will have an opportunity for laser coaching with me.

  • Access to member’s only area of my website to download missed calls.

  • Private membership in our ‘secret’ Facebook group.

  • Monthly contests to win private coaching time with me!


Topics will vary each month based on your feedback and questions.  

Some topics may include:

  • Dealing with rejection

  • When your friends book more than you

  • When you mate books more than you

  • Creating your own opportunities

  • Dealing with homesickness

  • Finances

  • Tour Life

  • Working on Film

  • Working on Broadway

  • Negative Self Talk

  • Dealing with your Inner Critic

  • Goal Setting

  • & Much, much more!


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WED: 7.29.15 – 2 pm [EST] – FREE CALL: SIGN UP HERE

WED: 8.5.15 – 2 pm [EST]
WED: 8.19.15 – 2 pm [EST]



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