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Greetings from Atlanta!I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve written. So here goes…I have finally returned to Atlanta after a long stint with Disney’s “The Lion King.” I left on July 5, 2006 to embark on what became the job of a lifetime. I met the most wonderful group of people, got to sing, act and dance EVERYDAY! It was a dream come true. I was not in New York but on the national tour. We moved every 4-6 weeks.

Where I went…

Houston, TX

Tucson, AZ

Denver, CO

Los Angeles, CA

Omaha, NE

Austin, TX

Cincinnati, OH

Appleton, WI

St. Louis, MO

Cleveland, OH

Memphis, TN

Dallas, TX

Minneapolis, MN

Honolulu, HI

Mexico City, Mexico

Milwaukee, WI

I must say my favorite places were Denver, Houston and St. Louis. There was such culture there and a great music scene!Many of you living in Atlanta may be wondering if I’m performing with the show that is coming to the Civic Center this month. The answer is “NO. I wish.” LOL Actually the tour I was on closed on March 3rd. So the cast have all gone home to their respective cities or to a different company.What’s next?

I’m RECORDING! Yes, I am soooooooooo excited to say that I have started recording my 3rd album. If you didn’t know I had 2 out already, shame on you! :O) You can get caught up by checking me out online. This next project should be interesting since I’ve experienced so much since the last album, “THERAPY.” So look out for it this summer!Where can you get the other albums?I-Tunes Music (Atlanta)Armand Records (Philadelphia)Reflection Emporium (Massachusetts)Dusty Groove (Chicago)It’s been so nice catching up with you. As always, if you know of a venue in need of an artist like me to perform, let me know. Thank you for you continued support!

Until next time…
Peace,Christine Horn

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