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Christine Horn


Christine Horn is an award-winning Actress, the creator of The Follow-Through Formula™ and the founder of Christine Horn Coaching, Inc. As a coach and speaker, she specializes in helping busy women finally finish what they start so they can live their lives with more happiness, joy, money and freedom. 

How many times has fear held you back in life?  If you’re like most people, it has held you back more times than you’d probably care to count.


Fear can be debilitating.  Fear of failure leaves so many good and talented people living life on a mediocre level.  Fear leaves you feeling stuck, paralyzed, unsure, doubtful and worried.  The after effects of living with fear can lead to depression, weight gain and numerous health issues.


What would your life look like if FEAR of failure did not control you?  How much more money could you be making right now? What experiences would you have? How would your current circumstances change if you did not allow fear to control you?


In this eye opening webinar I will teach you my personal strategies on how to overcome your fear of failure and live the life you’ve been dreaming of!