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Many of us get caught up in our search for a newer and better self. We visit blogs, follow motivational social media accounts, read self-help books, and invest time and money in the quest for this ideal future person. We tell ourselves: If I just follow these ten easy steps. If I just read this series of works. If I follow the latest nutritional trends… We are constantly seeking a hidden path, never realizing that we’re already on a path that can take us exactly where we want to go. Our individual lives and realities find us on this path, headed in whichever direction based on each choice we make from moment to moment.

  • How to identify your true passion (not just what you're good at.)
  • How to find the time in your busy schedule to foster your dreams and why this is crucial to your happiness.
  • How to identify time drainers that are keeping you from achieving your goals.
  • How to use your day job to fund your future.

Christine Horn, Life & Career Coach

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