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Hit The Reset Button


Hey DIVA! I know I’ve been away for a few weeks…but I’m back with a special message for you. Enjoy , share and subscribe! xo! – Christine


Fall Into Focus Part 3 and 4


Hey DIVA! I’m teaching you the last 2 C’s to success. Enjoy! xo! -Christine


Fall Into Focus: 4 C’s to Success [Part 2]


Hey DIVA! We’re diving into the 2nd C to success. You will need this step in order to truly fall into focus with your goals and dreams. How did you do last week? Did you find your clarity? Be sure to subscribe, share and enjoy! xo! – Christine


Fall Into Focus: 4 C’s To Success [Part 1]


Hey DIVA! Our theme for the month of October is “Fall Into Focus.” I will share my 4 C’s to Success. Now is the time to dust yourself off and get back on track. For the next 4 weeks I will teach you how. Be sure to share this video and subscribe to this channel. Enjoy! xo! -Christine


Are your goals a leaf or a tree?


Hey DIVA! This week I want to talk to you about seeds, goal, leaves and trees. Confused? LOL Watch and enjoy. Don’t forget to share! xo! -Christine Horn




Hey DIVA! I want to talk with you about brushing your teeth. Well…not exactly. But the tip I’m giving you today is equally important. Enjoy, share and subscribe! xo! -Christine


Small Success Leads To Massive Impact


Hey DIVA! This week I want to talk with you about how celebrating small successes leads to BIG impact in your life and your business. Download your free gift, share, enjoy & subscribe!


What’s your number?


Hey DIVA! In this week’s training I want us to get really clear on how committed you actually are to reaching your goals and dreams. Watch to learn more. Be sure to share and subscribe! xo!-Christine


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